Hi, I'm Estelle

I'm a french sommelier who loves to discover about wine (and especially natural wine) all over the world!

I graduated from a Mention Complémentaire Sommellerie from Faculté des métiers de Bruz (FR). I have also gratuated from other degrees as waitress, cooker and got various working experiences in restaurant and recently in cellar, winery (France, Italia, Chile).

To find out more infos: Download my resume or visit my profile

After graduation of sommelier and working at the same time in a gastronomic restaurant I decided with my boyfriend to leave France for a world tour. To learn more, I worked 2 month in @agricolamacatho as volunteers to do the harvest and work in winery. Now we must come back in France because of the covid19. To finance our next travel to Australia (and continue our world tour!) I am searching a job in France, cellar or winery :)

If you get work for me, contact me via:

Mail: estelle.joe@hotmail.com

Whatsapp: +569 3712 6996

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